e-cigarettes for prisons

What Makes E-Cigarettes Safer for Correctional Facilities?

Cigarettes have been common in correctional facilities for many years. They can provide inmates with a break and can also function as a reward for good behavior. Unfortunately, however, cigarettes pose a lot of risks and challenges for prisons. Thankfully, e-cigs can address many of these issues. Let’s take a closer look at the many dangers posed by traditional cigs and why e-cigarettes for prisons are a better alternative.

Regular Cigarettes Are a Fire Hazard

Smoking regular cigarettes can create a fire hazard. First, inmates will need a lighter to light the cigarettes. This may involve an open flame and inmates could misuse the lighter. It might be possible to set up controlled access for lighters. Yet even so, the cigarette itself will pose a threat owing to the burning tobacco and hot ashes.

In some cases, prisoners might try to set something on fire. Burning items can be a form of protest or might be used to start a riot. However, fires pose an immense risk to prison staff and inmates as well.

E-cigarettes pose less of a fire risk. This is especially true with e-cigarettes for prisons as they don’t have an open flame or create ashes. This ultimately could save the lives of inmates and staff members alike. What’s more, JailPuff e-cigarettes come with tracking devices, so you can always know where they are.

Fires are an especially grave threat in prisons as the necessary security systems can make evacuations more difficult. It can also be harder for emergency personnel to respond. As such, it’s important to take steps to prevent fires from breaking out in the first place.

E-Cigs Protect the Health of Smokers

Cigarettes can have a huge impact on smokers. Inmates who smoke may be more likely to develop lung cancer and other serious issues. E-cigarettes for prisons can greatly reduce health risks. Ultimately, this can improve an inmate’s well-being and may also reduce medical care costs.

Second-Hand Smoke Causes Harm

Traditional cigarettes don’t simply impact the well-being of the smoker. They can also impact the health of bystanders. Second-hand smoke is always an issue, and risks increase if someone is smoking indoors or in another environment without good ventilation. Besides impacting the health of other inmates, smoke can also hurt staff members, such as correctional facility guards. With e-cigs, you can avoid harmful second-hand smoke.

Besides improving safety, e-cigs are easier to disperse and manage, especially given that a single e-cigarette enables about 500 puffs, which is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, according to NCBI. To learn more about the benefits of e-cigarettes for prisons, reach out to JailPuff today!