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The Rise of E-Cigarettes as a Safer Alternative in the Prison System

For years, tobacco use has been banned in many prisons throughout the United States. This often results in inmates sneaking in tobacco to get around the ban and releasing the more toxic chemicals of traditional cigarettes into the air. Additionally, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, the scarcity of cigarettes in prison, combined with the high demand among incarcerated individuals who smoke, can drive up the black market value of cigarettes. E-cigarettes provide a safer alternative for many inmates for many reasons.

They’re More Affordable

E-cigarettes already available in prisons are purchased through commissaries. Some are around $8 per cigarette, but this cost does depend on the prison. However, one e-cig can be the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes, making them more affordable to inmates than traditional cigarettes.

There Are No Toxic Chemicals

Many ecigs for sale do not contain the toxic chemicals found in tobacco. Most of them are strictly nicotine, so the inmate inhales the nicotine. However, when they exhale, it’s just water vapor. This eliminates the concern regarding toxic secondhand smoke for inmates who prefer not to smoke or those with respiratory conditions. The inmates that do choose to smoke will also inhale fewer chemicals, making this a safer option for them as well.

They’re Trackable

A primary concern in prisons is when inmates steal other items. The stolen items are then sold, and it can be impossible to track them down. Guards that find the inmate’s belongings may have difficulty proving who they belong to. This may result in fights among inmates or cellmates. Many ecigs for sale for prisons now have bar codes on them or in them that make it easy to determine who it belongs to.

They Have Many Benefits

There are several other benefits to offering e-cigs for sale in the commissary. First, it helps cut back on contraband. When inmates have affordable e-cigs, the demand for cigarettes and tobacco on the black market decreases. Offering a safer alternative improves inmate behavior because there are fewer withdrawals and fewer altercations with guards. Finally, this option is an excellent way for prisons to generate secure revenue.

Ecigs for sale are tamper-proof with a lit tip. They come with barcodes to make tracking easy, and prisons will enjoy the many benefits of this safer alternative. For more information about the benefits of e-cigarettes for prisons and inmates, be sure to reach out to us today at JailPuff. We’re available to answer any questions you may have.