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Exploring the Benefits of E-Cigarettes in Correctional Facilities

Many correctional facilities have moved to ban smoking for a variety of reasons. Traditional cigarettes may pose fire hazards, for example, and also present health risks. With that in mind, some correctional facilities allow inmates to use e-cigarettes instead, and offering e-cigs for sale could be of benefit to wardens and correction officers.

Why Traditional Cigarettes are Increasingly Banned in Prisons

In the past, cigarettes were widely available in prisons, and in some cases, even functioned as a form of currency. However, this led to many problems, encouraging the rise of black markets. Traditional cigarettes can also start fires, which are especially dangerous in prisons where inmates are typically under lock and key, and thus won’t be able to evacuate on their own.

Traditional cigarettes also led to contraband. Someone might sneak in marijuana or other drugs hidden in cigarettes. The natural inclination for many prison administrations now is to ban cigarettes altogether. However, this doesn’t cater to addicted inmates and could encourage smuggling, among other things. Another option is to allow e-cigs for sale. Let’s look more closely at some of the many benefits of e-cigs within correctional facilities.

Exploring the Benefits of E-Cigs in Correctional Settings

E-cigs are believed to be more healthy than traditional cigarettes. The smoke inhaled while smoking traditional cigarettes can inflame the lungs and increase cancer risks, among other things. It may also make people more likely to catch colds and could lead to coughing fits, among other health problems.

So far, there is little evidence to suggest that vaping causes cancer or increases your risk of catching colds. These health benefits can be passed on to prisoners, and as a result, could reduce medical costs in correctional facilities.

Unique Qualities of E-Cigs

E-cigs can be outfitted with tracking devices as well, allowing wardens and overseers to monitor where each one is at any given time. This can help to regulate any activity that may involve e-cigs. This was never possible with traditional cigarettes!

According to the National Library of Medicine, an e-cig will typically enable about 500 puffs, which is equivalent to roughly 50 conventional cigarettes, making them more compact and inventory easier to manage (compared to traditional cigarettes). It’s possible to purchase e-cigarettes that are designed specifically for prisons. They can be made difficult to tamper with and sealed using adhesive security seals. They can also be equipped with proprietary tracking software. All of this can help shut down black markets and keep contraband out of facilities.

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