Sealed End
Pharmaceutical 5.4%
NBV Grade Nicotine
Bar Code Serial
Number for Tracking
Tamper Proof
Sealed End
Lit Tip
Battery Stress-Detector
Security Feature


Proprietary Tracking Software

Are you wondering, "Can you smoke cigarettes in prison?" When those cigarettes are from Jail Puff, then the answer is yes! Introducing Jail Puff, the leading provider of electronic cigarettes designed exclusively for correctional facilities. With years of meticulous testing and research, we have developed a quality electronic cigarette tailored to meet the unique needs of inmates. Our state-of-the-art product combines cutting-edge technology, enhanced security features, and premium-grade materials, ensuring a safe and controlled smoking experience for offenders.

Our proprietary ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE TRACKING SOFTWARE with BARCODE SCANNER is provided FREE to any agency that wants to track the cigarettes in prison.
  • Additional features allow customers to track inventory, usage, and sales.


Here are just a few of the main benefits of Jail Puff's ecigs for sale.
Cleaner, Safer Environment
JAIL PUFF products are 100% TOBACCO FREE.  The only chemical being inhaled is Nicotine while exhaling water vapor.  ELIMINATING SECOND-HAND SMOKE CONCERNS.
Improve Inmate Moral
Correctional Administrators, as well as offenders, have provided us with countless stories of drastic offender behavior improvement, even in some instances life-changing.  Offender attitudes towards other correctional professionals have even improved. 
Contraband Reduction
Implementation of Jail Puff’s products will satisfy the offender’s craving while greatly reducing contraband and deter the offender from smoking a harmful substance.
Generate Safe Revenue
Jail Puff’s programs allows facilities to generate safe revenue to help offset the rising incarceration costs. The additional funding will allow for more rehabilitation programs to better prepare these offenders for re-entry into society. 

Why Us

We are PROUD supporters of law enforcement all over our great country. FAITH, HONOR, TRUST, & INTEGRITY are the founding principles of who we are and how we serve others. With over 25 YEARS of correctional experience, we understand firsthand the complexities surrounding corrections on BOTH SIDES

After years of testing products, we designed the BEST electronic cigarette exclusively for offenders. Featuring tamper-proof and adhesive security seals, proprietary tracking software, a lit tip, and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. JAIL PUFF IS THE PRISON CIGARETTE BRAND OF CHOICE.

At Jail Puff, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure and controlled environment within prisons while still addressing the smoking habits of inmates. Our electronic cigarettes are equipped with tamper-proof and adhesive security seals, guaranteeing that they remain in the hands of authorized individuals only. Additionally, our proprietary tracking software allows for efficient monitoring and accountability, ensuring the utmost security and compliance with regulations.

What Makes Our Ecig For Inmates Special

One of the standout features of Jail Puff and our cigarettes in prison is the lit tip, which replicates the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette, providing inmates with a sense of familiarity and comfort. Furthermore, our electronic prison cigarette utilizes pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, ensuring a consistent and satisfying smoking experience while adhering to quality standards.

If you are wondering, "Can you smoke cigarettes in prison?" then contact our company. By partnering with Jail Puff, correctional facilities can effectively manage smoking-related issues within their establishments. Our product promotes a controlled smoking environment, reduces contraband risks, and minimizes health hazards associated with traditional cigarettes.

Are you looking for a reliable ecig for inmates? Choose Jail Puff as the brand of choice for your correctional facility and offer inmates a safer and regulated smoking alternative. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative ecigs for sale. Our sales team will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Check out some of our positive testimonials about our ecig for inmates below.
  • I would highly recommend Jail Puff! The offenders rave about it and we experience the positive attributes of an overall calmer environment.

    - Sheriff Clay Bennett

    Caldwell Parish
  • Jail Puff has generated a constant budgeted revenue source while also eliminating secondhand lawsuits. The product is reliable, FDA approved, and the professionalism of their team is superb. I would highly recommend them.

    - Sheriff David Hedrick

    Concordia Parish
  • Jail Puff Maxx is hands down the best correctional electronic cigarette on the market today! 

    - Warden Orlan Davidson

    Webster Parish
  • Jail Puff Maxx has been a lifesaver! Previously allowing offenders to smoke tobacco on outside grounds still brought the smoke and smell back into our facility. Upon implementing Jail Puff electronic cigarettes our facility is cleaner, positive offender behavior, and higher employee morale.

    - Retired Warden Lance Moore

  • The results have been remarkable as jail staff increasingly report that the jail environment has become a bit more pleasant with the overall offender behaviors headed toward a positive direction.  The Jail Puff product has been used as an incentive and has ultimately proven itself as a product which helps the inmates deal with the adversities of incarceration.

    - Sheriff Craig Webre

    2 Term President of National Sheriff’s Association
  • Having the E-Cigs here at The Big Sandy Regional Detention Center has cut down on the inmates trying to smoke everything from coffee to mustard greens. They have been a blessing to us and our facility. Thank You JP-Maxx!!

    - Misty Burchett

    Big Sandy Regional Detention Center