Why Are Prisons Looking to Move Away From Tobacco Cigarettes?

Cigarettes in prison have historically been common but are steadily being phased out, often in favor of e-cigs. Ultimately, e-cigs are safer in many ways and can also help prisons manage contraband and black markets. Let’s take a closer look.

E-Cigs Are Safer in Many Ways

Owing to their potential for misuse and adverse effects on health, cigarettes are often considered contraband in prisons, according to the National Library of Medicine. That said, some prisons still allow cigarettes and tobacco products. Further, banning access to nicotine can fuel contraband as inmates try to get their hands on their fix.

Ultimately, e-cigarettes in prison may be a better option than allowing traditional cigarettes or banning nicotine products outright. E-cigs reduce many of the adverse health effects of cigarettes, such as lung cancer. However, e-cigs will still allow people to satisfy nicotine cravings. Trying to go cold turkey from nicotine can produce some negative health effects and cause prisoners to be more irritable.

In popular media, traditional cigarettes are sometimes portrayed as a form of currency within prisons. This is sometimes true and can fuel black markets, something many prison managers seek to avoid. On the other hand, prison managers can maintain tight control over the supply of e-cigs. E-cigs designed specifically for prisons can be sealed to ensure that illicit drugs, such as cannabis, don’t make their way into the prison via them. This will help prison managers maintain a safer environment.

E-Cigs Can Reduce Fire Risks

Traditional cigarettes in prison require a flame, and the burning tobacco itself represents a fire risk. While prisons are usually resistant to fire, often constructed from concrete and the like, fire hazards remain. With e-cigs, there’s no need for an open flame. While some e-cigarette devices can still pose a fire hazard, by buying high-quality e-cigs designed specifically for prisons, you can greatly reduce the risks.

E-Cigs Can Be Used to Encourage Good Behavior

E-cigs for prisoners can be used as a reward for good behavior. The threat of losing access to e-cigs can also be used as a deterrent and, when necessary, a punishment. This can make life easier for both inmates and prison staff.

Ultimately, while traditional cigarettes in prison are becoming obsolete, offering e-cigarettes in prison can provide many benefits for prisoners and staff. Want to learn more about e-cigs for prisoners or are you looking for a reliable supplier? Contact us today.